30MinutePREP is a coaching-centered approach to teaching public speaking that integrates high levels of practice, reflection, and accountability to maximize skills mastery and boost confidence in students taking the basic course.

Better Outcomes for Students

  • Decreased communication anxiety
  • Greatly enhanced organizational skills
  • Improved delivery
  • Better integration of support materials
  • Practice accountability and progress tracking
  • More complex, sophisticated speeches
  • More speeches: students give, on average, over 24 separate speeches
  • All students learn positive critiquing skills
  • Many students get direct coaching practice

Better Approach for Faculty

  • Grade less, coach more
  • See rapid student improvement
  • At-a-glance practice accountability tracking
  • You'll get practice and in-class current-event topics provided weekly (with flexibility to replace or modify topics -- you have total topic autonomy)
  • An assessment rubric integrated into evaluation forms that mirrors NCA standards
  • And assessment-friendly end-of-semester reports at the touch of a button


What 30MinutePREP-method students have to say...

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Beckie Perez

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

"I gave a lot of speeches and it helped me not only learn and develop the speaking skills I was lacking, but gave me the confidence to be a highly effective speaker, equipped for any setting."

Axel Richardson

Mt. San Antonio College

"All the current event topics and tons of required practice gave me chances to test myself, in regards to thinking on my feet. It also encouraged me to stay up to date with what's going on in the world, so I could find ways to better myself, as well as those around me."

Alec Bleher

Palomar College

"This unique approach taught me to think quickly and speak effectively no matter the topic. I didn't learn to prepare a speech in a clean vacuum, I learned to speak in a messy and ever-changing world."